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Why Choose Us

1. Specialty
We are one of the most professional hygiene equipments manufacturing factory in China, we have nine years of experience in manufacturing, Products have our self’s patent ,We provide OEM/ODM services For different countries.

2. Production team

We have a production workshop of 3000 square meters, 40 professional installation workers, five quality inspection personnel

3. Quality
We got the ISO9001 management system certification, establish and improve the quality management system, Establishing and perfecting the enterprise self-control, social supervision, government supervision, user evaluation "project quality management mechanisms.

4. Price advantage

Factory enterprises, save intermediary costs

5. Technical team
We profit of 15% to 20% per year on research and development work, More than 10 engineers (Two people are Dr. Engineer, Eight is Master's degree ) of the technical team for Product research and development work.